Fall 2008 Assignment Due Dates 

Students enrolled in Online Public Safety Division classes must read and agree to the following course requirements.

Units 2 through 9 consist of a reading assignment, internet search, and writing assignment. Some units have self assessment quizzes to assist you in monitoring the mastery of the course objectives. Assignments must be completed by midnight on the dates indicated below. Late assignments will be accepted at the discretion of the instructor.


Due Date

Unit 1

August 29

Unit 2

September 12

Unit 3

September 26

Unit 4

October 9

Unit 5

October 24

Unit 6

November 3

Unit 7

November 15

Unit 8

November 26

Unit 9

December 7

Unit 10, Final Exam

December 8 - 12









Your grade for the course will be weighted as follows: Written Assignments = 50%, The Unit writing assignments are a combination of short essay or quizzes. It is to your advantage to complete all assignments in each unit.  Final Exam = 50%

Information Regarding Assignments

***Brief responses (one sentence answers) will be considered incomplete and fail to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject, resulting in a lower or partial grade for the assignment.

Please note that attachments on the e-mail message are not acceptable. The reason being that computer viruses are commonly transmitted by "attached" files. In all messages write directly into the e-mail narrative section. The instructor will not open any attachment. Unopened messages cannot be read or graded, and therefore cannot be given credit.  It is your responsibility to include the following information: your name, the last 4 numbers of your student I.D. number, the course you are enrolled, and the section number in the subject line of every email you submit to your instructor. When submitting assignments, include the assignment number as well. Use the format below in the subject line:

John Doe, #1234,  (ex. AJ 104  8004) Unit 1

Final Exam = 50%, the final exam may consist of either a multiple choice exam, or an essay of the material covered throughout the semester. In order to successfully complete the course you MUST complete the written assignments and, take the final examination.

Information Regarding the Final Exam Please Read!

If you live within 50 miles of the campus, you MUST take the final examination on campus. Any time after you have completed Unit 10, you may contact the Learning Assistance Center at (562) 692-0921 ext. 7749 to make an appointment to take the final exam. The Learning Assistance Center is located at the Police Academy. If you live beyond 50 miles, you must contact your instructor to make arrangements for you exam to be proctored.

I have read the minimum course requirements and agree to comply.  You must respond by completing an email to your instructor.

Please email your instructor answering the following questions:

1.     What are your academic goals?

2.     What are your vocational goals?

3.     What training or experience do you have, if any, that would be relevant to this course?

4.     How many semesters have you been attending Rio Hondo College?

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